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“SoftClub has successfully implemented for BPS-Sberbank innovative project Centralized Banking System for Cash Management, which allowed the bank to solve tasks related to comprehensive automation of processes for cash (banknotes and coins) preparation and processing, centralization of accounting functions, settlements and control with the use of electronic documents flow.”

BPS-Sberbank, Belarus (Sberbank Group, Russia)
December 2014

“Successful implementation by SoftClub of the last project on subsystem for electronic archives management ensures our confidence in further mutually beneficial cooperation. In the framework of this project implementation we would like to stress accurate and constructive work of development team and project management, flexible pricing policy, adequate and skilled consulting on current maintenance matters, which provides additional competitiveness to SoftClub and its products.”

Trustbank, Belarus
February 2014

“Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange has been cooperating with SoftClub since 2012. The cooperation resulted in successful development and implementation of two solutions for exchange trade of industrial and consumer goods.
These solutions allowed full functional online work with a multilingual interface. For the first time in exchange trades in Belarus international classifier GPC was used providing single language to sellers and buyers for description and grouping of goods around the world, also interaction of GPC with the national classifiers was ensured.”

Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange
January 2014

“Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus would like to express its gratitude to SoftClub for fast customization and implementation of the integrated core-banking system SC-BANK NT, thanks to which the bank obtained critical modifications allowing it to cut credit operations costs and decrease operational risks.”

Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus
May 2013

“Bank VTB (Belarus) has been engaging SoftClub so that to provide extended support for Oracle software since November 2012.
While rendering the services employees of Softclub have demonstrated professional attitude, ability of solve arising issues in a timely manner and efficiently. All requests related to technical matters were processed quickly and professionally.”

Bank VTB (Belarus) (VTB Group, Russia)
March 2013

“We would like to thank SoftClub for timely and high quality software development and consulting services related to preparation for testing of the core-banking system SC-BANK with the National Bank of the Republic of Bealrus in accordance with the reviewed and approved technical codes of established practice coming into force on 10.02.2012.”

Belarusbank, Belarus
February 2013

“Bank Moscow-Minsk would like to thank SoftClub for successful completion of project aiming at creation of the bank’s electronic document archive based on the system for electronic archives management SC-ARCHIVE.
Thanks to this solution the bank automated generation of primary accounting documents in the electronic form and their transfer to electronic documents archive. Implementation of this innovative project allowed significant decreasing of aggregate costs of processing of primary accounting documents and operational risks, as well as increased labor efficiency, reliability, and integrity of the bank documents.”

Bank Moscow-Minsk, Belarus (Bank of Moscow Group, Russia)
January 2013

“From December 2010 to June 2012 specialists of SoftClub have rendered services in accordance with the Contract for Purchase of Services on Development, Installation and Setup of Technical Architecture of the System and Development of Reporting Component in the Framework of the Project for Modernization of Electronic Document Flow between State Establishments (Treasury-Client).
The main integrated information system of the treasury has been functioning at full scale since 2004 on the platform of Oracle E-Business Suite and includes over five finance management modules (General Ledger, Payments, Purchases, Debtors, Creditors, etc.). Information system Treasury-Client was developed in 2008.
The developed system on generation of reports aims at continuous work of over 11,000 users for compilation of nearly forty five reports in accordance with the given parameters out of the data warehouse.
When implementing Reporting component specialists of SoftClub have performed the following:
- Development and approval of technical architecture of report generation system;
- Installation and setup of web-server and application server software;
- Installation and setup of report generation system software;
- Training of system administrators;
- Building of data warehouse;
- Development of reports and setup forms.”

Center of Electronic Commerce, Kazakhstan
October 2012

“Since its implementation in 2005 we have been convinced in the efficiency of the core-banking system, SC-BANK NT, convenience of its modular architecture, and full-fledged functionality. We think that the integrated core-banking system SC-BANK NT really conforms to the up-to-date approach toward automation of banking business processes, provides wide range of solutions for the major tasks which a bank faces in its daily activities. We also would like to emphasize responsible approach of SoftClub’s specialists to the technical support of its licensed software.
During the whole period of the integrated core-banking system SC-BANK NT operation SoftClub’s specialists have been providing maintenance of both own products and Oracle’s software products at high standards. We are thankful to employees of SoftClub for prompt resolution of all arising issues and hope for further fruitful cooperation.”

Paritetbank, Belarus
April 2011

“Each year partnership of SoftClub and Belarusbank becomes stronger and stronger. I hope that our fruitful cooperation will continue in future.”

Belarusbank, Belarus
January 2010

“Mobile Telesystems (MTS) would like to thank SoftClub for implementation of a part of the project aimed at development of payments collection system based on cash registers with SC-TRADE software. High qualification, experience and observance of deadlines by SoftClub’s employees were among the major factors, which ensured achievement of the project targets.”

Mobile Telesystems, Belarus (MTS, Russia)
December 2009

“It is necessary to point out the following merits of SoftClub software products:
- full compliance of delivered solution with the functional requirements of the bank;
- high performance regardless to the number of concurrent users, the system's ability to process large volumes of information within limited period of time;
- presence of the most complete set of standard reports to the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and other regulatory bodies;
- high flexibility of the system, allowing an administrator to modify and enhance functionality of the system.
Implementation of the new core-banking system SC-BANK NT, which has broad functionality, high security and user-friendly interface allows reducing bank risks, cost of banking services, and ensuring quality and efficiency of new service delivery to clients.
We truly believe in the right choice of our partner, and we are confident that together with SoftClub we will be able to successfully solve future issues related the development of our business.”

Absolutbank, Belarus
June 2009

“Software products developed by SoftClub have been used by Technobank since 1996 and comprehensively automate banking operations and internal economic activities of our bank. SoftClub’s solutions fully comply with Technobank’s requirements aimed at business development, cost reduction of banking services, minimization of operational risks, and improvement of customer relationship.
In March 2009 Technobank successfully switched from SC-BANK core banking system to centralized integrated core banking system SC-BANK NT, which brought information system of our bank to the new modern technological level and allowed to significantly decrease number of manual operations, automate processing of electronic payment documents, use advantages of Oracle DBMS, flexibility of settings, modular approach to the system architecture.
We would like to mention that before implementation of the solution SoftClub specialists have audited existing information systems, developed IT strategy for our bank, recommendations and requirements toward optimization and re-engineering of business processes, concept of information technologies implementation in the bank. Results of this stage provided full information on how the banks works and how it will work after implementation of the new information system, gave possibility to determine discrepancies between business of the bank and capabilities of the information system at that moment, and then define respective tasks for developers.
Years of cooperation with SoftClub resulted in close partnership. We are convinced that reputation of SoftClub as a software developer, its professionalism, constant use of modern information technologies and high quality services contribute to development of our business and mutually beneficial cooperation.
Moreover, professional approach of SoftClub’s managers and attentive attitude of its support personnel gained our respect.”

Technobank, Belarus
June 2009

“SoftClub has successfully implemented system for ready cash and valuables accounting and management SC-NDO, which allowed to providing complex automation of the whole cycle of processing and accounting of ready cash and valuables of our bank. Realization of this innovative project allowed to significantly decrease aggregate costs when processing cash, increase cash turnover rate, increase volume of ready cash processing without attracting new resources, increase labor productivity, as well as significantly decrease operational risks and increase reliability and safety when accounting and processing ready cash.
The said project completely satisfies requirements toward it, and ensures necessary security measures and high reliability. Bank personnel were receiving support without delay from SoftClub, including fast reaction with regard to changing requirements and exhaustive consultation regarding all arising issues.”

Bank VTB (Belarus) (VTB Group, Russia)
March 2009

“SoftClub has been supplying solutions for our bank since 2003. We have chosen SoftClub as a partner for automating retail banking operations. SoftClub solutions allow us to provide our clients with a full range of services in the growing branch network.”

Bank Moscow-Minsk, Belarus (Bank of Moscow Group, Russia)
April 2007

“We have been utilizing the intrabank settlement solution SC-VRC since 2005. SoftClub has proved to be a reliable partner, and all uncertain situations concerning technical support were solved promptly.”

Belgazprombank, Belarus (Gazprombank Group, Russia)
June 2006

“The integrated core banking solution SC-BANK NT was implemented in our bank in 2005. Since then, the solution proved to be efficient and very convenient to use due to its modular structure and comprehensive functionality. We value SoftClub’s balanced attitude to solutions maintenance.”

Paritetbank, Belarus
June 2006

“We would like to thank you for your support since the day of the bank’s foundation. SoftClub’s solutions are successfully implemented in the bank’s branches across the country. During our cooperation we have known SoftClub as a trustworthy and responsible partner providing high quality services.”

Bank VTB (Belarus) (VTB Group, Russia)
May 2006

“State agency National Securities Depositary is the cornerstone of the two tier depositary system of the Republic of Belarus. Since 1997 we have been utilizing SoftClub’s SC-DFA solution. At the moment this solution is implemented in over 40% of bank depositories and 50% of independent depositories. Over 41% of securities issuers utilize SoftClub’s depositary solution.”

National Central Securities Depositary, Belarus
May 2006

“BelRosBank has been collaborating with SoftClub since 2003. In this period, SoftClub implemented core banking solution and MIS. Functionality of SC-BANK NT covers the whole range of the bank’s services. SoftClub’s helpdesk is always responsive to our inquires. SoftClub keeps to target dates, observing quality standards and adheres to contract terms. We rate the company as our reliable strategic partner.”

BelRosBank, Belarus (Societe Generale Group, France)
May 2006

“We appreciate the high standards of SoftClub’s solutions. They meet our quality, security and reliability requirements. Following 6 years of cooperation we rate highly the professional maintenance of the State Treasury solution.”

Computing Center of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus
February 2006

“BelRosBank in cooperation with RosBank worked out a strategy for retail banking development. SoftClub’s solution SC-BANK NT was chosen as the strategic foundation.”

BelRosBank, Belarus (Societe Generale Group, France)
January 2006

“The Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus has been collaborating with SoftClub since 2000. In the last few years SoftClub has successfully carried out several projects. Most significant among them are:
- a project for our subdivision Belpochta: concept (logical) design, technology design and software development for joining 2 solutions (cash collection/money transfer solution to bank-client solution);
- a card management solution designed for post offices and special post office cash terminals;
- technology design and software solution for joining the national electronic transfer system to that of the Russian Federation.
The supplied solutions totally meet our requirements, and conform to security and reliability standards.”

Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus.
January 2005

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